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Serving our customers for more than 25 years as a toll manufacturing partner in engineering, processing, bulk storage & logistics.

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We have been committed to delivering tolling services for our partners for over 25 years. We have a wide range of production capabilities on-site with global partners who work together to maximise the value chain. We operate as a high level Seveso company.

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We are a dedicated chemical service partner in logistics, storage, and production. Offering bespoke solutions and strategically positioned amidst Rotterdam, Ghent, and Antwerp ports. We have a range of solutions to fit your needs.

Working at TPT

At TPT, our workplace is more than an office; it’s a vibrant community. United, heard, and challenged – that’s our promise to every colleague. We believe in the power of our people, who are the driving force behind our collective success.

A range of possibilities

Since 1998 we have grown into experts in bulk tank storage of acids and bases, the mixing of catalyst powders, the production of, among other things, technical ammonium and sodium salts and specialized process units for chemical mixing.

Meeting your needs

We are a chemical site with extensive process equipment to support customers in realising their short and long term needs by helping deliver production and dedicated service for qualitative strong result.

Seveso III

Operating under strict risk management framework


Power and liquid bulk storage and processing

Handling Capabilities

A range of onsite handling with accessibility via sea and road

Dedicated Service

High level of discretion and custom way of working

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Are you interested in production or storage at TPT? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities together. By combining our knowledge and expertise, we arrive at the right solution.

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We are committed to a better future and responsible entrepreneurship. By obtaining the NEN ISO 14001 certification and our Ecovadis certificate, we have created an environmentally responsible management system and contribute to the improvement of our company and our entire partner chain. In the field of the environment, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.