Who we are

Specialist in processing

We pride ourselves as a reliable supplier with a reputation for flexibility and customer dedication. We offer a wide range of customised services; logistics, storage and production capabilities.

Our Journey


TPT founded

Fluid Catalytic Cracking blending process

Industrial Calciner

High temperature drying

Tank Farm Established

Storage of formic acid, acetic acid and caustic soda

Production Process Startup

Calcium Formate processing

GMP+, ISO 9001 certification

Start of de-icing production process

Ammonia plant

GMP+ productions with NH3

Production facility expansion

New mixing capability with Nauta screw mixer process

Expansion of tank farm

Caustic soda and organic acid storage and blending

Seveso III

Strict focus on safety and risk assessments

GMP+ powder mixing unit

Ribbon mixer and new packing line

Tank Farm expansion

Introduction of smaller and larger storage tanks
2022 onwards

Building a brighter future

ISO14001 and Ecovadis Silver accreditation
Empty Date

What we do

Since 1998 we have grown into experts in bulk tank storage of acids and bases, the mixing of catalyst powders, the production of, among other things, technical ammonium and sodium salts and specialized process units for chemical mixing.

We partner with you to test small scale productions and scale up to full production or storage tank expansion projects.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a leading sustainable chemical solutions partner, delivering uparalleled service and innovation.

Our Mission

Create a unique and sustainable company that adds value to chemical products and logistics for customers through knowledge, innovation, efficiency and caring.


We are guided every day by our values. They define who we are, how we act and what matters most. Safety, integrity and ethical behaviour are at our core. 

Safety & Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to strict compliance and environmental standards. It is important that our employees, customers and the environment are safe in everything we do. 

Integrity & ethical behaviour

Behaviour which embodies good human values is really important in the TPT family and part of our every day Code of Conduct. We treat everyone as equals and with respect.

Results driven, sustainable innovation

With new opportunities and partnerships, we seek for sustainable innovation and partners with a similar outlook in driving responsible results.

Build the best entrepreneurial organisation

We are an organisation of entrepreneurs, with a mindset to innovate and improve. The best solutions are created through collaboration, both with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Strong Customer Focus

Long-term relationships matter. We pride ourselves in great customer service and maintain the highest level of flexibility and agility to adapt to market needs. 

Get in Touch With Us

Are you interested in production or storage at TPT? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities together. By combining our knowledge and expertise, we arrive at the right solution.

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